May 2011 Newsletter

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We continue to add new sponsors for our 2011 training classes. Please be sure to check out their websites by linking through our “Links” page under “manufacturer sponsors”.

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We are taking registrations for all 2011 classes and you can sign up by going to “Training Events” and scrolling to the class you wish to attend and registering online. We accept payment via PayPal online or via check through the US Mail. Classes are filling up so PLEASE register today for the classes you wish to attend so you don’t miss out!


Here are addresses for some interesting articles from the thermal solar world, (copy address and paste in your browser to view article):

Helping Homeowners Pay for Energy Efficiency Improvements

Update PlaNYC With 132 Green Initiatives Including the Clean Heat Campaign

IKEA Powers Up Solar In Brooklyn, NY

New Article By Gerry

Be sure to check out the upcoming May issue if Supply House Times. “The Psychology Of This Economy” is a new article by Gerry Wagner which will appear in May issues of Supply House Times. You can see it online next month at:

Geothermal – Look how cost effective it can be!

More pictures of the ongoing geothermal project in Montgomery, NY have been posted in the “Geothermal” part of the “Gallery”.

The home I’m documenting the geothermal install in is “The York” by Malmark Construction of Montgomery, NY. It is 2420 sq/ft home. The 30 + homes being constructed are built on 1 – 4.7 acre lots starting from $299,000.00 and up. Each home is being offered with the geothermal heating , cooling and hot water package available as a $16,000.00 premium.

Here’s how the math works: the standard mechanical package for the home cost $25,000.00.  The geothermal upgrade cost $41,000.00 which includes high performance low-E glass windows with argon gas, 1/2 pound open cell spray foam in the walls and attic rafters as well as a heat recovery ventilator, (HRV), unit. It is important to note that the geothermal system is possible, (and practical), only with the addition of these other energy saving upgrades to create a true geothermal “package”.

The geothermal package creates a heat loss for the home of 32,500 BTUH and a heat gain of 23,750 BTUH. Tight…..right? Now you no why the HRV is needed!

So, back to the math. The new homeowner pays the $16,000.00 difference between the standard mechanical package and the geothermal, ($41,000.00 – $25,000.00 = $16,000.00).

The feds allow for a 30% tax credit on the new homeowners income tax return for “geothermal heat pump property”. This credit is approximately $12,360.00, (30% of $41,000.00 is approximately $12,360.00).

So now with the tax credit thrown into the mix the actual cost of the geothermal premium to the home owner is $3,640, ($16,000.00 – $12,360.00 = $3,640.00).

An additional $16,000.00 added to a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at 5% interest rate is about $86.00 added to the monthly mortgage payment. The expected fuel savings of $250.00 per month creates a positive cash flow of $164.00 / month……….I consider this a “no brainer” for a potential home buyer!

The payback time of the actual “out of pocket” cost of $3,640.00 for the geothermal package can be less than 15 months!

WOW! …….again…….WOW!

Next month I will get into the details of the “slinky” type closed loop trench application of this geothermal job…..stay tuned! (Check out the photo gallery to see the “slinky” being installed)

4/28 SPACEPAK CLASS AT GENERAL PLUMBING SUPPLY, DOVER NJ, TO BE RESCHEDULED: This is the first time I had a class postponed due to tornado warnings! This class will be rescheduled so please watch for the new date.

PLUMBING: This past Monday, April, 25, was National Hug A Plumber Day so if your a plumber and you got a little unexpected love last Monday now you know why.

MUSIC: This past Wednesday, April 27, was original KISS lead guitarist, (and in my opinion the ONLY Kiss lead guitarist), Ace Frehley’s 60th birthday.


I want to start encouraging everyone to begin using the “Ask Gerry” feature on our website. Past and current students already know the password……if you aren’t sure of it, contact Gerry via the Contact page, or at Your inquires don’t have to be limited to HVACR…..if you have an interesting and / or funny story about an encounter with a customer, a favorite car you want to talk about, a concert or CD review……whatever…..please take a moment to share it with me and I just might share it with the world!

Atlantic Region Energy Exp, (AREE)

I will be attending the AREE show this Wednesday, 5/4/11, at the Atlantic City Convention Center. If you are going to be there keep and eye out for me as I would love say hi! If you miss me during the show then I most likely can be found after hours in the high stakes slots room of the Tropicana……there is a “Wheel of Fortune” and a “Red, White & Blue” machine in there with my name on it!

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See you all soon I hope!

~ Gerry