“Gerry’s ability to interact and connect with his class participants makes his training classes some of the best in the industry. The technical detail is presented in a clear, easy to understand format that registers both in the classroom and in the field. Gerry understands that in today’s climate, knowledge is power and knowledge is success. His classes are designed to deliver on that.”

Michael Delwiche
Vice President of Sales
Heat Controller, Inc.


“Gerry Wagner has trained thousands of industry professionals and has a wonderful way with words. He makes heating come alive with his plain-English explanations. You will not be bored. Hire this man!”

Dan Holohan
Industry writer and owner of HeatingHelp.com


“It’s rare in any business to come across someone who combines technical prowess, passion for his craft and the ability to communicate effectively.  Gerry brings all that and more to his classrooms.  Attend one of Gerry’s programs and not only will you learn stuff, you’ll be confident in your new skills and inspired to go out and put them to good use!…”

John Barba
Contractor Training & Trade Program Manager
Taco, Inc


“Gerry Wagner’s classes and seminars are some of the best that I have attended and recommended in my 35 year career. He infuses his sharp whit with common sense in  ways that make each new learning experience unforgettable. And that’s the mark of a great teacher; going beyond facts and ‘war stories’… it’s how his students learn, remember and apply their knowledge. ”

Michael Hartel
John M. Hartel & Co. Inc.
Montvale, N.J.


“Gerry’s technical know-how and unique training style always keeps the technicians attention in class. His lifetime experience in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of heating and air conditioning equipment comes out in every class. There is no substitute for a great speaker with experience, Gerry delivers both.

Gerry Wagner has trained all my service technicians over the past 12 years. I always know my tech will come back with an arsenal of useful information ready to use the next day back to work.”

Martin Masters
Martin Masters Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
Midland Park, NJ


“I always find that Gerry keeps his training sessions fun and informative.  When I tell my technicians we are taking a class, they always say to me”, “cool, as long as Gerry Wagner is the instructor!”

Bruce Perry
Perry Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Cornwall, NY


“Gerry’s training presentations are methodical, highly informative and cover the full range of subjects – he knows his stuff! Gerry has a knack for engaging the class and communicating what can sometimes be dry or difficult information in a light and humorous manner. Subjects that could make for a long day with other trainers are entertaining and interactive with Gerry.”

Arnoud van Houten
President & CTO
Sunnovations, Inc.


“Gerry Wagner has the innate ability to take a dull, very technical subject and turn it into a fun learning experience for the most seasoned service mechanic.”

Chick Dougherty
Vice President
North Plainfield, NJ
United Supply Company


“The geothermal training that Gerry conducted in western Canada was very interesting and well received. Gerry’s background, as not only a trainer but an installer as well, allows him to speak to those attending his training classes in a manner they understand and appreciate…he speaks the installers language. Everybody came away with a good basic foundation of geothermal systems that they can build upon if they choose. It was instructive and fun at the same time. I would recommend Gerry to any manufacturer who requires training for their products.”

Hans Gautschi
HRC Services, Inc.
Independent Manufacturer’s Representative
Bramalea, Ontario, Canada


“We would like to thank Gerry for conducting terrific geothermal training sessions across western Canada. Gerry delivered a motivating and detailed product and installation overview to more than 50 attendees in three cities. We especially appreciate that he braved the cold weather and snow we encountered! We had many positive comments from contractors that attended and have already received requests for followup training next Spring.”

David MacKenzie
Executive Vice President
Aiton’s Equipment, Inc.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada