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Seven years ago, when I decided to take my training “on the road” sort of speak and go “national,” I was concerned how an old, broken-down HVAC contractor from New York…with an admittedly strange sense of humor, would be received outside of my home area.

The last seven years have done nothing but reinforce what was my already strong love and appreciation for this GREAT country of ours and the GREAT people of the United States.

I have now conducted HVACR training events in 41 states and I can say that in each state I have been warmly welcomed and ultimately accepted…in fact, I can say that I have friends in 41 states and that is a VERY special feeling…profound and special.

No matter where I go in this great country, I meet people who may look and sound different than me but all have similar needs, hopes and goals. Those who know me and have attended one of my training events know that I don’t avoid the tough subjects if they come up…politics, religion, history…and yes, even football.

What I have found without exception, is that people of different opinions and beliefs CAN converse when each has a respect for the other’s foundation…their background, their intelligence and their experiences. One guy from New York has a different foundation than a guy from Texas, or California, or Georgia…not a better foundation, just a different foundation.

Possibly the greatest joy of my job is how it allows me to meet people all around the country and simply talk with them…obviously my primary mission is to share my experiences within the HVACR world but that platform allows me to meet with, speak with…and so often, become friends with people who in turn share their experiences, beliefs and knowledge with me…and that is what makes my job so powerful in my life.

My platform has allowed me to share the story of the man I call my father, Elwood Weaver, who at the age of fifteen, so infuriated by the attack on Pearl Harbor, ran away from home to join the Marines and ultimately fight in the battle of Guadalcanal. I told Elwood’s story, as I do to virtually every group I’m in front of, in Hopkinsville, KY just this past December. At the end of the class a young man named Ty Heltsley came up to me to tell me how his grandfather was with Elwood in the First Marine Division at Guadalcanal…WOW!

Elwood passed away 17 years ago but in that moment when Ty and I were speaking, Elwood was right there…how powerful!

I would have never met Ty if not for my job. I would have never known about Ty’s grandfather if I didn’t share Elwood’s story.

One young man from Kentucky with seemingly nothing in common with an old guy from New York other than our chosen profession, because we spoke to each other, respected each other’s foundation, we discovered a bond that each of us going into that meeting room in Hopkinsville, KY could have never predicted.

As I say at the end of Elwood’s story when I tell it…that was America in 1945 and that is America in 2018!

God Bless America!

IT’S A GREE THING!  The algorithm of the GREE inverter compressor feature for Compressor Discharge Protection was developed so as NOT to cause or allow repetitive, nuisance callbacks…this is music to the ears of HVAC business owners!

Let me explain…

I always say in my GREE Mini Split Troubleshooting class that when we have to go back repeatedly to Mrs. Gillacuddy’s house because of a repetitive error code, such as E4 COMPRESSOR EXHAUST, (DISCHARGE) HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION…and we can’t charge Mrs Gillacuddy because this is an ongoing issue with no resolution in sight…well my friends, that’s is the devil’s work!

Repetitive, nuisance callbacks make the installing company’s profit evaporate and also makes them, and Mrs Gillacuddy lose faith and confidence in the product.

The title of this article is, “IT’S A GREE THING”…it’s also a man thing to not read the installation or service manual…and that’s a shame because there are so many hidden gems in the GREE product manuals…here is an example.

On page #13 of the service manual for the Multi21+ 18 & 24K systems, it states the following…

What the above is saying is…because this system utilizes an inverter compressor, the compressor can adjust it’s speed, (RPM) accordingly when the compressor discharge temperature is too low or too high, (too low, it speeds up / too high, it slows down).

The real gem here is the last sentence… “if the running time of the compressor is longer than 7 minutes, the protection record will be cleared.

WOW! That is music to my ears and the ears of any installing contractor and / or service company!

What that sentence is saying is…after an initial E4 error, should the compressor then run for 7 minutes without another E4 error, the system has the ability to essentially say to itself… “well, we have run for 7 minutes without another E4 error so it appears whatever caused that initial error was resolved internally to the system so lets wipe the fault record clean and simply move on…”


Instead of repeating the E4 error, ultimately causing us to return to Mrs. Gillacuddy’s home, the system resolved the issue itself and determined it not significant enough to inform us via another E4 error.

People, I can’t stress enough the significance of this…

The dictionary states the definition of algorithm as the following…

We always need to be conscious of the fact that inverter based equipment is indeed “computer based” equipment…I stress this in Section X of my troubleshooting curriculum where I speak to the need to check for proper ground in the electrical service of the home / building where we are installing a GREE mini split.

In the 1980’s when computer logic was first being introduced into HVACR equipment, it was scary for us to think the equipment we would be installing and ultimately repairing had micro processing ability. Today, we all have a microprocessor in our pocket with more power than many of the computers that landed man on the moon in 1969…its our smartphone!

GREE uses the computer logic of their systems in ways that are unmatched in the HVACR industry…the example I gave of the COMPRESSOR EXHAUST, (DISCHARGE) HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION is just one example.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming “IT’S A GREE THING” article going into more detail about the unmatched onboard diagnostic capability of the GREE inverter mini split.

See you soon!


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Q4 2017 ESPCO Newsletter

IT’S A GREE THING! If you have attended one of my GREE product training events you have heard me say those words when I come to a feature and / or component that is unique to the GREE mini split product. One of those unique components is the second accumulator…yes, that’s right, a SECOND accumulator, in the multi-zone ODUs.

The fact that the GREE multi-zone ODU has a second accumulator gives it several unique characteristics when it comes to installation and performance.

First let me show you what I’m talking about…

Here we have the exploded view of the MULTI24HP230V1BO from page #6 of its parts manual…

Part #7 is listed as the “gas- liquid separator”, (accumulator) and part #8 as the “compressor and fittings.”

Here is an actual GREE 24K compressor for a 2 ton multi-zone ODU…

I cut the window in the suction accumulator with a Dremel tool…got to love the Dremel tool!

Now, the secondary accumulator is equal, or even larger, as you can see next…

The use of the secondary accumulator is what allows an installer to install the minimum allowable lineset per evaporator (10’), and not have to remove refrigerant from a system which came pre-charged for 98’ of lineset…BRILLIANT!

One less thing an installer has to worry about when commissioning a new system!

Another very interesting effect of having the second accumulator is what I demonstrate in Section XII of my troubleshooting curriculum.

Even when grossly overcharged, the GREE multi-zone system sees very little increase in pressure when in the cooling mode…and I’m talking GROSSLY OVERCHARGED!

In my curriculum I show that even with twice the system pre-charge (154 oz), and only 20’ of total lineset the system only gains 15 PSI from the factory charge (77 oz.), or what I call the baseline (130 PSI).

Now the heating mode is a different story! Again, as I demonstrate in the troubleshooting class, when I place the double charged system (154 oz.), into the heat mode the pressure jumps to 615 PSI…just 23 PSI from opening the high pressure switch…but then something magical happens! The inverter kicks in, slows down the compressor in turn lowering the pressure to 415 PSI and the system runs…and runs…and RUNS!

This my friends is a GREE thing!

DO NOT consider this an endorsement of over-charging GREE multi-zone systems…IT IS NOT! Purposely over-charging a system for ANYTHING other than experimental reasons is just plain stupid…yeah, STUPID!

Refrigerant ain’t cheap…don’t use any more than you need too.

Yeah, my little experiment worked great in a very specific environment, (approximately 70°F ODAT)…at 30°F ODAT the results may be VERY different!

Yeah, the inverter saved the compressor from catastrophic failure by slowing it down, thus dropping the pressure BUT, in doing so, the system lost approximately 1/3 of it’s capacity…again, on a 30°F ODAT day, that can be VERY significant!

Re-visit an article from October 2013: I thought with North Korea in the news of late, it might be interesting to re-visit an article I wrote four years ago about the USS Pueblo which remains hostage in North Korea to this day…

Bring the USS Pueblo home: I was seven years old on January 23, 1968 when the USS Pueblo came under attack by North Korean forces in international waters. The crew of the Pueblo staved off the attack for two hours as she was pursued by no less than four North Korean torpedo boats, two sub chasers and two MiG-21 fighters. The Pueblo was an ‘intelligence gathering ship’ and as a result she was armed with only a single .50 caliber machine gun and only one crew member was trained in its operation.

One of the sub chasers opened fire with a 57 mm cannon killing 21 year old Petty Officer Duane Hodges from Creswell, Oregon.

The USS Pueblo was boarded by North Korean forces and the crew would serve 335 days as prisoners, enduring brutal physical abuse and mental torture.

Why am I writing about this in my newsletter? Well, for the following reasons…

If you are younger than me, (and everyone is younger than me), chances are good you aren’t aware of what has become known as the ‘Pueblo Incident’. Although I was seven years old, I do have a vivid memory of the news reports and the images of the crew when they were freed on December 23, 1968.

The images and later interviews with the Captain of the USS Pueblo, Commander Lloyd Mark ‘Pete’ Bucher, affected me…I just had a sense that this man was a true hero…it turns out I was right. Cmdr. Bucher is credited, (by his 81 crewmembers), for leading his crew through the 11 months of captivity…leading by example, displaying courage and giving hope as they endured unimaginable brutality.

This is just one example of the brutality Cmdr. Bucher endured;

Cmdr. Bucher describes how he was about to be executed by his North Korean captives when a gun was placed at his head…he wanted his last words…his last thought…to be that of his wife Rose. He shouted out her name just as he heard the click of the gun’s trigger…the gun was not loaded. You can hear Cmdr. Bucher recount this experience in his own words in an interview at this address:

ABC 1968 30th Anniversary Interview with Pete Bucher by Diane Sawyer

Cmdr. Bucher died on January 28, 2004 at the age of 76. His death was partly attributed to injuries he sustained while a prisoner in North Korea 36 years earlier. Rose Bucher passed away just weeks ago on September 4, 2013.

The main reason for this article is this…the USS Pueblo remains to this day, a prisoner of North Korea. I find this both disgusting and unacceptable. The USS Pueblo is the second oldest still commissioned ship in the US Navy fleet…second only to the USS Constitution which was commissioned in 1797 and moored in Charlestown, MA today. Think about that…the second oldest actively commissioned US Naval ship sits in captivity today in the waters of North Korea’s Botong River in Pyongyang as an exhibit of the ‘Fatherland Liberation War Museum’. ..are you kidding me? This is an outrage!

Here’s what we all can do…write to our representatives in Washington DC and let them know we haven’t forgotten the USS Pueblo. BRING THE PUEBLO HOME!

Look, I know this is not the most pressing issue in today’s international political scene but 45 years have passed and if something is not done soon, the remaining surviving crew members will go to their graves with their ship…our ship…still in captivity.

Please go to the following address for a comprehensive history of everything related to the USS Pueblo and the brave men who served her and their nation.


May I suggest when at the above website, go to the ‘Ships Store’ and purchase a ‘Return the Pueblo’ bumper sticker and put one on each of your trucks.

See you soon!

The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of ESPCO’s sponsors and training partners.








Q1 2017 ESPCO Newsletter


WHY NO HIGH-SIDE SERVICE PORT ON A MINI SPLIT? This is probably the most common question I get in my mini split training classes and one that the industry…and myself for that matter…hasn’t done a great job answering. I’m going to attempt to change all that right now…

First, we have to review what some may think is elementary and rudimentary, but I feel strongly that I need to lay a basic foundation so I can eventually get to the bottom of this.

Let’s take a look at what the expansion valve does to system pressure…

The expansion valve…in the case of a mini split, an Electronic Expansion Valve, takes in high pressure liquid refrigerant and discharges low pressure liquid / vapor refrigerant.

OK…now let’s see how this works in a “standard” refrigeration system where the expansion valve is located in the fan coil unit / evaporator.

In this case, the system has a clearly defined high & low side which can be accessed at the TWO service ports (suction & liquid), of the outdoor unit. Because the expansion valve is in the fan coil / evaporator located INSIDE the home, the suction service port will display low pressure and the liquid service port will display high pressure.  This is why standard outdoor units have TWO service ports.

The mini split however, places the expansion valve in the outdoor unit and that changes EVERYTHING!

It shifts the low pressure / high pressure border to WITHIN the outdoor unit. The high pressure side is now ONLY represented by the internal piping between the compressor discharge and the expansion valve inlet.

You know what this means don’t you?

Now, what has commonly been known as the suction (low pressure gas), valve and the liquid, (high pressure liquid), are now BOTH low pressure gas. Even if the mini split had a second service port on what is commonly called the liquid, it would display essentially the SAME pressure as the suction service port because it is located downstream of the expansion valve outlet.. which as described earlier…takes in high pressure liquid and discharges low pressure liquid / vapor.

I had a gentleman in one of my recent classes say to me, “look, the compressor still has a suction and discharge so there has to be a high side.”

He is right…the problem however is that the high side discharge tubing coming off the compressor is internal to the outdoor unit and only about a foot or two in length between the discharge of the compressor and the inlet of the expansion valve (of course the condenser is between the two).

Remember, the connection on the outdoor unit for the liquid, (although it’s not liquid), is downstream of the expansion valve outlet…so its LOW pressure gas / liquid!

I have seen a mini split outdoor unit that did provide a Schrader valve on the high side piping internal to the outdoor unit’s cabinet…only accessed by removing an outer cabinet panel.

I consider this a novelty at best…

If you want to see the high side pressure on a mini split it’s really easy to do…simply place the system in the HEAT mode…COME ON!


MONEY IS NOT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL…JEALOUSY AND ENVY ARE! If you’re looking for more technical HVAC stuff…this article ain’t it. One of the benefits of creating this newsletter is it gives me an outlet for more than just my HVAC life…this article is about life in general.

My 55 years has given me many insights and one that I feel strongest about is jealousy and envy are the root of all evil.

Let me explain…

The nature of where my career has taken me in the last couple decades has put me out in the public eye a bit more than the average guy…maybe the HVAC industry’s eye is a more accurate description. As a result, some years back, I had been the object of someone’s jealousy and envy that, for a time, caused me to have to address what was a completely fabricated and inaccurate statement made about me.

Look…I’m not going to relive that very uncomfortable event with you here…that’s not what this article is about. What I do want to address is the root cause of the event… time has given me the clarity and wisdom to now see that its roots were in jealousy and envy.

I have a dear friend going through a very different type of episode right now yet still based, I believe, in someone’s jealousy and envy of him.

I admittedly have had difficulty understanding why some people become so interested…and ultimately, angered and consumed by someone else’s success and / or possessions. I have not been jealous or envious of someone, or their possessions, since I was a child. As an adult, I certainly admire others and their success and I can certainly admire someone’s car…their home…their business…but it is just that…ADMIRATION, not jealousy or envy. I am truly happy for the person and if anything, I want to talk to them and possibly learn from them.

My buddy who is in the depths of a very unpleasant situation is a very successful young man…VERY successful. The nature of his work puts him in the public eye…the overall public eye.  Someone has questioned his success and questioned his integrity, in my opinion, clearly out of jealousy and envy of his success, happiness and possessions.

The electronic world we live in where blogs and websites allow for anonymous judgements and attacks on character only gives these people a vehicle to propagate their attacks and accusations. I am always blown away how some find it so easy to call for someone’s firing or leave derogatory and often false statements about people they don’t even know, seemingly without any thought or concern that the subject of their post is a human being with a family and bills to pay just like everybody else!

The old saying that “money is the root of all evil” is just wrong on so many levels.

Money is a good thing…I believe what the character, Gordon Gekko, in the movie Wall Street said is true…”greed is good.”

I say that somewhat tongue in cheek but I do believe a healthy desire for success and all that it brings is a VERY good thing…it motivates…it inspires…it drives!

In my own experience and in what my friend is experiencing, money DID have something to do with it for sure…it was the jealousy and envy of my and my friend’s money, our success, possessions, etc.

And in my case, it was someone’s perception of my success…they didn’t really know me, they didn’t know how I EARNED my success and the fruits of that success…but they were jealous and envious of it and it consumed them. Instead of my success motivating them, it angered them…and this obviously says much about the character of my protagonist.

My success, or again, perceived success, only brought into light this person’s own failures and unhappiness and if I was successful and happy, well, in that person’s mind, I must have done something wrong to get it. I believe this is a common trait in all who become angered and consumed by jealousy and envy of someone else.

How sad…

I have purposely not used the word victim in describing myself or my friend…although the word’s definition does have some meaning in this context, I will not allow myself to be a victim. My life…my character…my integrity is what ultimately prevailed in my case and I’m sure the same will be true for my friend.

Why did I write this article? What purpose does it serve?

Admittedly for me this might be what some call “closure.” I have been thinking about addressing this subject in some way for years now so it may simply be that for me…closure.

I never for one moment thought this article could save someone else from what I experienced …I got a pretty good ego but it ain’t that big. My goal here is completely self-awareness and self-improvement. I don’t EVER want to be the person on the other side of the story…the one that is jealous and envious.


See you soon!

The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of ESPCO’s sponsors and training partners.